A Bookworm By Its Cover – Bella Rolland, Leana Lovings & Sophia Burns

Leana Lovings is a university freshman who just can’t wait to be a part of a sorority. But when she arrives at her first interview, she’s taken aback when Bella Rolland and Sophia Burns, the two senior sorority members, seem to dismiss her instantly. Honestly, she shouldn’t be surprised- this isn’t the first time this book’s been judged by its cover. On the outside, Leana may look like a shy, nerdy, and introverted bookworm… but on the inside, she’s one of the naughtiest girls on campus. So, Leana rolls up her sleeves and decides to prove her worth to Bella and Sophia the old-fashioned way… through rough, sensual sex. She bends Bella and Sophia over some desk and rips open their leggings at the crotch, exposing their asses and pussies. Once Leana’s gotten them nice and wet, she puts on her trust strap-on and gives them a good fucking as they writhe on top of each other in a stack. After this, they all come together on a desk and have some more naughty fun, cumming all over each other’s faces.