Anal Destruction For The Reporter – Paola Hard

It has become fashionable to go out into the street with a microphone in hand and ask anyone who passes by about their sexual likes and phobias. Today the reporter is Paola Hard, a beautiful Andalusian blonde of whom we have already shared some other video and the truth is that she does not do anything wrong. The thing is that a mulatto appears and Paola plants the artichoke on him to ask him the first thing that comes to mind, and suddenly he says “Would you striptease me”… Of course! So everyone home, the show begins! Watch out for the piece of tail that the turkey has, as soon as Paola sees it she can’t waste time and puts it in her mouth to make it grow and grow! Don’t miss the great fuck they have because it’s impressive, especially when they decide to open the back door… and start an assfucking that will absolutely surprise all of you! That awful! The mulatto ends up cumming inside the blonde’s ass… and she squats down to shit the semen and then licks it off! Brutally disgusting!