Anal Makes The Sun Come Out – Lola Rose

So we pulled up on Lola Rose walking in the rain and offered her an umbrella. She tried to take our umbrella and walk off like she does not know what the bus is about. Talking about money made her turn around real quick though. She got on the bus to show us her tits. She asked us “was that it?” Our response was we got more money if you want to get naked and she said “show me the money”. Now naked, our boy Jay wants to see how far she really would go. He straight up asked her “if a dick was in front of you would you suck it?” He pulled his dick out and she started tying her hair up. She is now instantly one of our favorites. While fucking her she threw everyone off by asking Jay for some anal. She said “I thought this was Miami”. So Jay obliged and started pounding her ass. As he finished on her face. The sun came out. We asked her to step outside to see if the back tire was low. I think we all now what happens next. Vrooom!