Be Seduced – Adelle Sabelle

Gorgeous brunette Adelle Sabelle is irresistible in sexy lingerie, putting on an erotic show for her lover, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Be Seduced” begins. Deny Lou watches as Adelle moves sensually, running her hands over her slender body, then rocking her hips to wiggle her hot ass in his face. When he can’t resist any longer, Deny grabs Adelle for a passionate kiss, undressing her and squeezing her ass as he sucks her nipples eagerly. She frees his stiff cock from his jeans and jerks it as he strokes her inside her panties; then she wraps her lips around the shaft and starts to suck, bobbing her head to take it deeper and lavishing it with teasing licks. Straddling Deny with her stockinged thighs, Adelle impales herself on his erection and rides him hard, squatting as she slides up and down his thick pole until an intense orgasm overwhelms her quivering body. They switch to missionary, Deny making her moan with each powerful thrust, giving her another orgasm before spraying his copious creamy load over her drenched pussy.