Bella Rossi vs Daisy Ducati

We are more than happy to surprise you with the full finale today rather than updating with the Bella/Sarah Orgasm challenge. We skip directly to the good stuff today. Bella Rossi and Daisy Ducati have taken out all of the good up-and-comers this season. The only two left standing are these two amazing sexual gladiators. Daisy wants to rip Orgasms out of Bella from the second this match begins. Daisy feels she’s been under appreciated as a sex fighter. she’s fought tooth and nail to get respect. Today she wants to solidify in history that she is the Greatest of All Time Sex fighter! Bella wants to put Daisy in her Place. If anyone can defeat Daisy, this season, It’s Bella. Bella has flexibility unseen in other opponents and Bella has been able to rip O’s out of opponents in round 3 when it counts. This is it. Today we crown one of these queens and the other one if fucked for our viewing pleasure.