Birthday Girlz Vol 1 E3 – Armani Black & Ailee Anne

It’s Ailee’s (Ailee Anne) Birthday and her Stepparents (Armani Black, Romeo Mancini) help her celebrate with a delicious birthday cake. Ailee, a precocious and surprisingly horny girl, makes her wish, blows out the candles and heads to her room. As soon as Ailee opens her bedroom door, her wish to play with a big-fat-cock (Elias Cash) comes true. Wasting no time, this young and sexy babe gets busy. Armani stumbles upon Ailee doing the nasty and can’t help playing with herself as she watches. When Romeo finds his aroused wife, the two oversexed Stepparents fondle each other in the doorway until Ailee sees them and invites them to join the party. It’s a forbidden foursome suck-and-fuck-fest with Ailee begging for loads of frosting from Elias and Romeo.