Chihiro Akino and her lover are on a date in The Philippines

Chihiro Akino is on a date in The Philippines with her lover. They have gone to a lovely small place where they can enjoy the beach and the sunsets. The hotel is on the beach where they can swim and enjoy the water and the sand. These two feel very free here as they are away from home and in this environment they feel more open. Chihiro Akino is very happy to have this time with her lover and wants to take this time to get to know him better. Her lover is also very happy to be away from home so he can just be together and enjoy some time together. They spend the day on the hotel grounds enjoying the sunset and the drinks they offer by the pool. The weather is nice in the evening but it was a hot day and it takes a lot of energy out of them to be in such a hot place. They walk around till evening and explore the area and find a ferris wheel they can enjoy as well as some other attractions that are there for lovers on vacation. The two are tired from the long day and all the time spent outside enjoying the hotel grounds. The two decide to go back to their room before it gets too late. Once back at the hotel the two lovers are ready to enjoy each other and her lover starts to kiss her and rub her big tits. She has the greatest tits, and his hands are all over them and he pulls her top up and her bra down and he starts to kiss her nipples. She is getting very excited with all this titty play and he can tell she wants to take off her clothes and do some more intimate things.