Cleaning Day – Ivy Rein

Cute blonde Ivy Rein is busy with her chores, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Cleaning Day” begins. With her headphones on, she doesn’t realize Dorian Del Isla is watching until he comes closer; teasingly, she cajoles him to take over cleaning the windows, before rewarding him with a passionate kiss. Pushing her man onto the bed, the pigtailed beauty straddles him. She peels off her t-shirt and he caresses her perky breasts as she grinds on him, then removes her red panties so he can eat her shaved pussy. Ivy has an intense orgasm before Dorian thrusts his thick cock into her soaked slot, fucking her with slow, deep strokes. They slam together, Ivy’s long legs spread high and wide, her fingers strumming her clit as the powerful stimulation drives her wild. They switch to cowgirl, Ivy riding frantically, her perfect ass bouncing hypnotically as she slides up and down on Dorian’s dick. She has another tremendous orgasm, then jerks his cum out over her trembling body, creating even more mess for the lovers to clean up together.