Concept: Brat Tamer – Riley Star & Crystal Rush

What’s up, TeamSkeet fans? If you like when stuck-up brats learn their lesson the hard way, then you’re gonna love this new Labs concept. Counselor Rock is done with Riley’s attitude problem. The sassy girl has been spreading rumors about the sexual life of her schoolmates, altering the order and causing havoc. Fortunately, he has a special method for dealing with these kinds of situations. Counselor Rock is a true master of discipline and with his severe techniques, Riley not only obeys all of his commands but also keeps him sexually satisfied for it. A couple of days later, Counselor Rock calls Crystal, Riley’s stepmom, to show her the progress. The lady is shocked to see how well-behaved her stepdaughter is now, so she tags along with Mr. Rock to learn about his brat-taming methods.