Dick Or Treat – Kimmy Kimm

It’s Halloween, and Charles Dera is watching scary movies while munching on candy. He hears a knock at the door, so he begrudgingly goes to answer it. To his surprise, he sees the most gorgeous trick-or-treater ever: Kimmy Kimm, dressed up in a hot outfit and carrying an ID card that says ‘I AM OVER 18 AND WANT CANDY.’ Sure, she’s older than the typical trick-or-treater, but Charles isn’t complaining! Charles tells Kimmy to wait a moment, then goes back inside his house to cut a hole into his bag of candy, so he can stick his dick inside. When he returns to the door, he lets Kimmy rummage around inside the bag of treats, until she finds his dick! Kimmy is delighted, and gives him a handjob. Charles then invites Kimmy inside, so they can have even more fun. Best Halloween ever!