Filling Her Up – Mickey Violet

Beautiful, fun, flirty 21 year old Micki introduces herself in an elegant green dress and high heels outdoors, enjoying the feeling of the fabric against her smooth skin, especially her pert erect nipples! We’re treated to an upskirt view of her animal-print panties as she slides her hands between her legs, until they’re interrupted by a random passer-by…luckily, a friendly one! Finding a slightly quieter spot – but still quite public – she continues the finger play, penetrating herself right on top of a stone table. Heading indoors and finding a large pink toy, she shows her oral sex technique…laying back on the couch she penetrates herself with the thick toy, sliding it in and out as we hear the wet sounds from within and then incorporating the vintage Vibraking toy to bring herself to several strong orgasms, which we get to enjoy from multiple angles! Heading outdoors in a very skimpy little bikini she chats with the photographer about some of her early sexual experiences, then puts on some music for a sexy striptease dance before pouring oil on her skin and rubbing it in…enjoying a nice breast massage. Next she takes a large white toy and slowly penetrates herself, enjoying the vibration function as well for dual pleasure until it takes her to a nice climax. In the next part of her shoot we see her in tight bluejeans and a cute black top with her breasts peeking out, slowly stripping down nude and sliding her hands all over that tight petite body. Getting down on the floor she takes a large suction cup dildo in her mouth, sucking it and then climbing on top to show her flexibility, doing the splits as she penetrates herself! The Vibraking makes another appearance as she fucks herself with the dildo, and the two toys together do good work…bringing her to another strong orgasm