Finally Some Privacy – Aften Opal & Leana Lovings

Leana Lovings is hanging out when her roommate, Aften Opal, announces that she’s going to pick up some groceries. As soon as Aften grabs the keys and heads out, Leana almost bursts with excitement as she hurries to her bedroom. Leana yanks down her bottoms and jumps into bed, grabbing her cellphone to watch a hot lesbian video or two. As she does, she goes to town on herself with her fingers, obviously enjoying this brief time to herself. But she becomes so caught up in her pleasure and the screen that she doesn’t realize that Aften returns home mere minutes later. Aften is in for the shock of a lifetime as she walks in on Leana masturbating… Instead of calling Leana out, however, Aften finds herself hungrily watching. Finally, Leana realizes she’s been caught and is quick to cover herself with a pillow. Although Leana apologizes profusely, Aften assures her that everything is alright. In fact, Aften admits that watching Leana pleasing herself was hot! Leana is stunned by the revelation and, as Aften hungrily crawls onto the bed to join her, it looks like Leana won’t have to worry about being private anymore.