Finish Line – Lily Blossom

Cute blonde Lily Blossom returns from her run and kisses Deny Lou, who has already slumped on the sofa. As Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Finish Line” begins, Deny pulls Lily onto his lap to embrace her; she slides the straps of her top from her shoulders, offering her perky breasts for him to suck. Lily peels off her skintight yoga pants and skimpy panties, grinding her sexy ass against Deny’s rigid cock before impaling herself reverse cowgirl style. She squats to slide up and down on it, bouncing vigorously until she’s overwhelmed by an intense orgasm. Dismounting, Lily gives Deny a sensual blowjob, licking, stroking and sucking eagerly, then straddles him again in cowgirl. She rides to another climax before Deny flips her onto her back and eats her shaved pussy. She soon orgasms again, then lifts her leg over Deny’s shoulder as he fucks her in missionary, thrusting energetically until they climax together.