Forgive Me For I Have Sinned – Sera Ryder

Sera Ryder is confronted by her stepfather a religious man, Jax Slayher. He’s got a reputation to protect, and he has a huge issue with his stepdaughter. He found out from the dean of her university that Sera cannot keep her hands off her pussy, even in public. She explains to him that she has needs, and needs them to be attended to quickly, regardless of where she is. So she takes matters into her own hands… No big deal, right? She hears too many sexy noises at night, as he hears her stepdad banging her mom. It just makes her so horny! She starts fingering herself right in front of her stepdad, because the conversation alone has this wild girl going crazy. She leans in, and shows off what her mouth does, as she leans in for a kiss. He lets her explore with her lips as she unzips his pants. As soon as she whips out his cock, she cannot keep her eyes OR hands off of it! She dives right in and makes sure she gets her own taste of that big cock. This wasn’t mentioned in the bible at all!