Heating Up Episode 1 – Purr Simona & Ophelia Dust

Gorgeous Ophelia Dust and her cute roommate Purr Simona cuddle under the bedcovers, as episode one of Sandra Shine’s erotic lesbian series “Heating Up” begins. Their apartment’s heating has broken down, but they keep each other warm with sweet kisses that rapidly grow passionate. Purr plays with Ophelia’s beautiful breasts, sucking her nipples to make her gasp with arousal. She peels off Ophelia’s pajama pants and goes down between her spread thighs, nuzzling the soft hair on her mons as she licks her pussy. Grinding against her lover’s tongue, Ophelia shakes and shivers in bliss. She’s eager to repay the favor, getting Purr naked – except for her cozy socks – and eating her shaved pussy skilfully, then adding her fingers to drive her to a powerful orgasm. Straddling Purr’s face, Ophelia rides to a mind-blowing climax. The girls are glowing with pleasure and thoroughly warmed up as they doze off in each other’s arms.