Her Sexy Confidence – Taylor Mae

On her second day of shooting, she’s wearing a beautiful, form fitting blue summer dress; she visits a fancy resort area and parades around doing upskirt views, spreads and gapes — then with a pink dildo, fuck herself and ride it and end up peeing while riding! Hot little scene! She then goes to a restaurant where she does more upskirt teasers, and she bought some summer squash at the grocery store. Then she uses another one of her new vibrators, this one penetrating both holes as her clit gets stimulated. It brings her to another orgasm, and gets her wet & ready for the Big Ten Toy. She starts light, but tries going deeper, taking nearly the entire 10 inches until something ‘broke’. She really did push her limits here! Then its time for some anal play with a toy she brought with her (butt plug) and the usual beginner glass toy dildo. A lot of first times for her here! Then on sunset, she does another sexy fashion shoot, with a kinky summer squash penetration session, her shooting it out with her vaginal muscles, and doing a massive squirt/pee session while fucking herself with it! Then more of the same at home, her fucking and popping that big squash out of her. Have fun with this girl, she definitely was an awesome shoot, tattoo free and perfectly natural 🙂