How Far Are You Willing To Go – Vanessa Vega

Erin (Vanessa Vega) nervously visits her doctor, Dr. Brown, in his private office. The air is thick with tension as he solemnly tells her that her test results came back — she does, in fact, need the surgery that they discussed on a previous visit.

Erin is devastated by the news since she can’t afford the surgery. When she was with her last girlfriend, she was covered under her insurance, but now that they’ve broken up, Erin’s completely on her own. What can she possibly do?

Dr. Brown is thoughtful as he says that he has an idea of how he can help Erin. He then calls in another of his patients, Stan (Donny Sins), who was in the waiting room. Although Stan is a bit nervous to be so personal around Erin, with Dr. Brown’s encouragement, he reveals that he also needs surgery but can’t afford it.

That’s when Dr. Brown slowly grins and cryptically asks them how far they are willing to go for his help….