In Your Heart – Lilith

Cute brunette Lilith kisses Deny Lou tenderly, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “In Your Heart” begins. They’re dressed for a night out but it’s clear their mutual attraction will keep them at home, as their lips and hands roam amorously. Deny pulls down the straps of Lilith’s little black dress and caresses her gorgeous breasts, sucking her nipples attentively. He licks her through her lace panties before peeling them off and kissing his way up her thighs to her shaved pussy. Lilith gasps with arousal as Deny licks her shaved pussy, sliding a couple of fingers into her wet heat to drive her wild. She trembles through an intense orgasm, then undresses him hastily and impales herself on his stiff cock in cowgirl, her breasts bouncing in his face as she rides energetically. Deny flips Lilith onto her back, one leg hooked over his shoulder as he fucks her to another breathless climax. Gazing into her eyes, he thrusts rapidly until her orgasm triggers his own and he fills her with hot cum.