Kaiia Eve vs Frankie Fetticini

Today we have a Couples Match up and these are always exciting to see. Kaiia Eve has brought in her submissive, Frankie Fetticini. Frankie has a lot of wrestling experience but no sex fighting experience. Kaiia is smaller but has a lot of sex fighting skill. While Frankie is submissive, he’s also very competitive and wrestling is his domain. He knows if he loses to Kaiia today, he will never hear an end to it. Kaiia knows if she loses today that her submissive is going to be very very bratty when they get home and she will need to open an whole new can of whoop ass on him. Couples matches are always intense because the consequences carry over to their real life. Each of these sexual gladiators is giving it everything they have to be able to fuck on top today. Enjoy this fun, competitive domestic battle. One of these athletes will be a loser and will never hear the end of it.