Look Up – Mina Moreno

Cute brunette Mina Moreno awakens and stretches languidly, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Look Up” begins. Putting on her boyfriend’s shirt, she kneels on the glass floor and raps to get his attention. Seated directly below her, Tommy Cabrio has an arousing view of her bare pussy as she starts to stroke it seductively. He grins appreciatively as she caresses her beautiful breasts, watching until he can’t resist rushing up the stairs to join her in bed. Tommy’s hands roam over Mina’s sexy body, caressing her amorously as he sucks her nipples, then kisses his way down between her thighs to lick and fingerbang her pussy, making her breathless with excitement. He penetrates her in missionary, fucking her with vigorous thrusts; they roll over into cowgirl, her breasts jiggling in his face as she bounces up and down energetically. Mina has an intense orgasm before they switch to spoons, Tommy’s powerful strokes making her climax again. Fingers strumming her clit, she orgasms over and over as he slams into her and fills her with a stream of hot cum.