Mai Araki is not wearing any panties today while cleaning her client’s home

It is always good to have a passion for your work. You want to enjoy yourself while you also make money. It should be such that your work is just something you love to do and enjoy and do not dread doing every day. And you are so lucky to have such a job, your life becomes so much easier and you feel like every day is just pleasant and peaceful. This is how our lovely Mai Araki feels. She loves to clean and keep things in order. She loves to make sure her own place is in order and everything is lovely to look at. This has translated into her wanting to do that for others as well. So she now provides a service that allows her do what she loves and help other people as well. She believes that by offering this service she can spread joy and happiness. Her clients all really enjoy her service and all seem to be at home while she is there cleaning. One thing she has noticed is that they are always single men and they all lay on the floor when she reaches up and cleans the out of the way corners of the house. While working she often gets a hand thrust up her dress and grabbing at her bare ass or sliding a finger in her pussy. She believes this happens so often as she does not wear underwear to work. She is not fond of underwear and sees no point in wearing it. Her clients have also stated this to her and they agree that she should not wear any panties at work. This is the story of Mai Araki the sexy hot maid who doesn’t wear panties to work.