Naughty Neighbors Episode 2 – Veronica Leal & Ophelia Dust

Their earlier brief encounter was interrupted, but now sexy Ophelia Dust has returned to finish what she started with stunning blonde Veronica Leal. As episode two of Sandra Shine’s erotic lesbian series “Naughty Neighbors” begins, Ophelia summons up the courage to approach Veronica again; returning her kiss eagerly, the seductive Colombian beauty leads her to a secluded spot in the garden, unbuttons her blouse and lavishes attention on her perky breasts. Pulling down her shorts, Veronica starts to lick Ophelia’s hairy pussy with sensual skill, making her quiver through peak after peak of pleasure. Veronica straddles Ophelia’s face, her gorgeous breasts and firm round ass cheeks rippling as she grinds to an intense orgasm. She dismounts and Ophelia continues the oral onslaught, making her climax even more powerfully. Veronica kneels to eat Ophelia to another mindblowing orgasm, both of them giggling and glowing with sexual satisfaction.