Pilladas 21 Year Old Colombian Girl – Breiny Zoe

What I’ve had with this girl… has been a crush! I have seen it from afar, right next to my house, with the heat that it is in the month of July in Madrid… buffff but I had a good feeling and I decided to attack! Her name is Breiny Zoe, she is 21 years old, she is from Colombia and has recently landed in Spain. I ask her if she has ever worked as a model, the girl is quite tall, slim and has a very cute tipin. She tells me no, her work experience is minimal and has nothing to do with the world of fashion, she has dedicated herself to babysitting and cleaning tasks in some houses. So the idea of ​​earning a few euros in exchange for a few photos… makes you open your eyes like someone who finds a bottle of water in the middle of the desert! With no time to waste, we go home because we want to get under the air conditioning, once there, ask him to take off his clothes… leaving that little body that God has given him to indulge in sin! Breiny is pure Colombian fire, and I’m not going to give you more details about everything that happens next because I prefer that you discover it for yourselves… Tremendous paisa captured in the street!!!