Sneak Peek: Production – Alexis Crystal

Attention turns to the mechanics of film creation, in episode four of Andrej Lupin’s ground-breaking erotic series “Sneak Peek.” As this episode, subtitled “Production” begins, producer Ariel Piper Fawn discusses shoot plans with her stars, Alexis Crystal and Ricky. They talk about sexual chemistry and natural passion, the flirty energy between them quickly becoming apparent. As the scene begins, they are already in a heated embrace, undressing each other in the doorway and stumbling to the sofa. Topless, Alexis frees Ricky’s cock from his jeans and grinds on him seductively; he sucks her nipples as he fingers her juiced-up pussy, until she can’t wait any longer and impales herself on his erection. Alexis gasps with pleasure as she slides up and down on Ricky’s thick shaft, riding to an intense orgasm. Hips rocking, she gazes into his eyes as she keeps fucking herself on his dick until she climaxes again. Ricky throws Alexis on her back and eats her pussy, driving her to a crescendo of pleasure that has her arching like a bow and squealing with delight. He does it again, before thrusting into her in missionary and fucking her vigorously. Alexis is a quivering, orgasmic wreck by the time Ricky cums all over her soaked pussy.