Surprise At Your Door – September Reign

September Reign and her wife Lilly Bell share an affectionate kiss. Lilly then says that she’s ready to try something new in their relationship, explaining that she’s finally ready to watch September have sex with a man. Lilly adds that she even knows a friend of a friend, Tommy Pistol, who would be great for that. The idea is surprising and hot, but September is a bit hesitant, saying she doesn’t want to cheat on Lilly. But Lilly says it’s not REALLY cheating, since September would be doing it with Lilly’s permission, plus Lilly would be there the entire time. After receiving further assurances that Lilly won’t get angry or jealous, September agrees that it sounds like a fun way to spice things up. That’s when Lilly has another surprise: Tommy is already waiting outside! She brings Tommy in, and although September feels a bit awkward at first, Lilly reassuringly says that September and Tommy can just do whatever they feel like doing. As Lilly watches, September and Tommy start kissing. As September becomes more comfortable, she begins undressing so Tommy can taste her breasts and her pussy, all as Lilly continues to eagerly observe.