The Bollywood Scandal Of The Year – Yasmina Khan, Aaliyah Yasin & Marina Maya

Aaliyah and Marina are engaged in a heated argument over traditional pronunciations, while Yasmina tries to calm them down. But little do they know, Yasmina has a different plan to resolve their dispute – one that involves her tongue and fingers! As the argument escalates, Aaliyah and Marina storm off to their respective rooms, leaving Yasmina to take matters into her own hands. She decides to take turns visiting each room, indulging in passionate pussy licking and fingering sessions with each girl. Just as Yasmina thinks she’s got everything under control, Marina catches her and Aaliyah in the act! Initially shocked, Marina soon joins in on the fun, and the three beauties succumb to their desires, engaging in a hot lesbian threesome to solve all disputes by trial by orgasm.