The Brattiest President Ever – Richelle Ryan & Gal Ritchie

Gal’s bratty attitude lands her in big trouble – especially when Will finds out she may have rigged the school election. Gal thinks she can trick Will just like she tricked the rest of the school, but he sees past her bad behavior and gives her the choice of expulsion or the Brat Tamer program. Gal has heard about this program and knows that Will is just trying to get to her pussy, but she doesn’t want to be expelled. She accepts the terms of the Brat Tamer program and gets right to work with Will. Immediately, he starts putting the brat in her place, making her submit to his demands. Gal has never been in a submissive position like this, and she finds herself enjoying Will’s strong touch. The lessons are ruthless and put Gal in her place. Will has Gal make the morning announcements while having her pussy played with so she moans for all of the school to hear. Lesson two involves having Will’s shaft deep down Gal’s throat. The biggest lesson comes at Gal’s house, where her stepmom, Richelle, must also learn how to discipline the bratty girl. Will teaches Richelle all about the Brat Tamer program and buries his cock in the milf’s snatch. Richelle uses her powerful pussy to put Gal in her place, and the two babes pleasure Will until he busts a big load.