The Return Of Jo Episode 8 – Subil Arch & Jo

Cute blonde Jo is impatient to see her lover, as episode eight of Sandra Shine’s hot series “The Return Of Jo” begins. She puts on sexy lingerie as she calls Subil Arch, telling her to hurry. Subil lets herself into the apartment to find Jo waiting on the bed, and within moments they are kissing passionately. Jo pushes her sweetheart onto her back and straddles her playfully, tugging aside her shirt and lacy bra so she can suck her stiff nipples. She kisses her way down, peeling off Subil’s skintight jeans as she goes, and licks her through her panties before tugging them aside. Subil squirms with arousal as Jo eats her shaved pussy, lapping at her clit to intensity her pleasure. Jo moves astride Subil’s face, grinding on her tongue and trembling with bliss, then spins around into a sixty-nine so they can lick each other simultaneously. Jo is first to orgasm; she dismounts and rolls Subil over, then buries her face between her girlfriend’s ass cheeks and licks her pussy and asshole from behind, giving her a powerful climax.