Two Thumbs In – Diana Grace & Erin Everheart

Diana Grace is a book reviewer, and she doesn’t seem easy to please! She is working at her desk, criticizing yet another book when Erin Everheart suddenly comes in, looking upset. Diana has no idea who Erin is or what she’s so upset about, so Erin explains that she is the writer of a lesbian romance novel that Diana gave a bad review.

That jogs Diana’s memory, so she tells Erin that the novel was unrealistic because it had two women falling in love with each other at first sight, even though one of them was straight. Erin claims that the story was based on her own real life experiences, and accuses Diana of not understanding the book because she’s straight. But Diana insists she doesn’t need to be a lesbian to see that the book was terrible.

Erin says she can prove that her book isn’t unrealistic, so Diana takes her up on that bet, saying that she’s willing to let Erin try to seduce her just to prove that it’s impossible. Challenge accepted! Erin kisses Diana, and then starts touching and licking her breasts. Then Erin begins to remove Diana’s clothes, and give her pussy lots of attention. Diana seems to be enjoying it, but will it be enough to make her rethink that review?