Up Close with Holly Day

This is an interesting reunion for Holly Day and Damon Dice. Six months ago, they were partnered for Holly’s first adult video scene ever, but on that day she had first-time jitters, so she was shaking when she walked onto the set. Damon recalls that she looked like a deer caught in headlights back then, but Holly says that Damon helped her to feel really comfortable, which Damon is glad to hear. Now Holly is still in the adult industry, and she LOVES it. She feels much more confident and experienced, and she’s enjoying herself a lot! Damon is happy to see that she looks more relaxed now, and he’s very flattered that Holly specifically asked for him to be her partner today. Holly is eager to show Damon what she’s learned, so they can have some REAL fun together. Enjoy your reunion, Holly and Damon!