Using both hands – Alexandra T

Wearing her silky pyjamas and sexy glasses, Alexandra tries to do some writing in bed, but her hand is irresistibly drawn to her inner thighs. It only takes a few gentle strokes before her shorts come off, to reveal her perfectly shaved pussy. She lubes up her fingers with coconut oil and massages her clit with soft sighs, then strips off her top to cuddle her full breasts at the same time. She inserts two fingers on her left hand deep inside, while rubbing with her right, then switches hands to maximise the sensations.

The room fills with sticky sounds as Alexandra’s vulva glistens with oil and arousal, and she keeps her legs open wide, so we can admire each loving stroke. Her breathing gets heavier as her excitement builds, and her entire body glows pink when she moans “Oh fuck, oh fuck!” and surrenders to a heavenly burst of pleasure! She jots down a few notes in her journal, to remember the experience, and drifts off to sleep with a satisfied smile.