Vibe – Betzz

Graceful brunette Betzz is stretching her supple body, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Vibe” begins. She’s watched from the bed by Nick Ross, who can’t take his eyes off her as she slips the straps of her top from her shoulders and moves into a wide split and then an arabesque in the doorway. Peeling off her clothes, Betzz continues to stretch naked before joining Nick on the bed and kissing him passionately. She squats on his face and he licks her shaved pussy, giving her an intense orgasm. Dismounting, Betzz frees Nick’s erection from his briefs; she licks, strokes and sucks it, then straddles him and impales herself on it. She rides sensually, sliding up and down his long cock with increasing speed, overwhelmed by the blissful sensations. They switch to reverse cowgirl, the Czech beauty’s athletic ass bouncing as Nick thrusts up to meet her. She orgasms again and again before he fills her with hot cum.