Wife-Swap Schemes 2 – Spencer Bradley

Mazee waits in the hall as his friend Tommy Pistol comes down to greet him from the second floor. Tommy grins and tells Mazee that his wife, Spencer Bradley, is waiting for him upstairs. They fist-bump with silent mutual approval, clearly showing that something out of the ordinary is about to happen. Mazee climbs up the stairs.

Mazee enters the master bedroom, where Spencer lies in bed. He climbs in without her noticing and starts kissing her neck. She thinks it’s Tommy, but when she turns around, is shocked to see that it’s Mazee instead! Mazee is confused, letting her know that Tommy said it would be okay. Apparently, he and Tommy had agreed to do a wife-swap, and Tommy is downstairs with Mazee’s wife as they speak!

Though Spencer is initially shocked, she DOES find Mazee to be incredibly hot. She can’t resist but go along with this unconventional agreement, letting Mazee dip between her thighs and eat her out. When she’s wet and ready, Mazee slides his massive cock into her, and she loves it. They have playful, energetic sex all over Spencer’s bed.

Scheme or not, these two certainly aren’t complaining!